Bachata Thrillogy
Checkout the Evolution of Carlos Cinta's Bachata Thrillogy. Progressive Lessons and fun bachata dance combos
carlos cinta bachata
Carlos Cinta will show you how to dance Bachata 
Modern & Traditional Style

  •  Learn Bachata steps
  • Styling tips
  • Lead and Follow techniques
  • Breaks to add musicality
  • Combinations to start the party
Introducing "Bachata Thrillogy" Streaming Online Access.
Carlos’ Cinta's “Bachata Thrillogy” DVDs is now available for online streaming from our members area 24/7 on all devices anywhere in the world.  No need to wait for shipping!  In the course Carlos covers the steps, techniques and body movement which are the foundation dancing modern and traditional styles of Bachata. Carlos is one of world's most sought after bachata instructors, His unique way of teaching her technique has made a huge difference in many bachata dancers in many countries and he have you on your way to dancing bachata with confidence and with more fun in no time.
From The Desk Of: Chris Thomas

Dear Friend,
What I have to share with you is so VITALLY IMPORTANT to success in your bachata dancing! It doesn't matter whether you are a salsa dancer, beginner with no dance background, or a traditional style bachata dancer. You are absolutely wasting "a golden opportunity" if you are not using the SECRET that I want to reveal to you!
So many people struggle to enjoy bachata dancing because of a few reasons:
A- They can't get enough dance partners
B- They can't keep their dance partners from getting bored
C- They can't get the music, their mind and their body to connect
D- They are afraid of rejection while looking to ask a lady to dance
I have an incredible, and absolutely powerful SOLUTION to all of these problems. I really want to share this secret with you. I'll tell you more about the solution in a second, but first let me tell you how I got started, and struggled like many of you:
But before I tell you exactly what it is, I want to share with you a quick story.
As a good Salsa dancer I spend many nights going to dance clubs where they play mostly Salsa music. So I have focused on the same turn patterns and spins that you can find on many Salsa DVDs.
In fact, there are many Salsa instructors out there, and most of them cover the same stuff. For Bachata this is not so. There are not that many bachata dance instructors to choose from today.
Despite the predominance of Salsa, beautiful bachata music has been getting more playing time in clubs.
But before I met Carlos, even though I had the bachata basic down, my biggest concern was:
The answer to my question came in the form of a truely inspiring bachata dancer; Carlos Cinta.
Implementing the combos and secrets Carlos had shared with me has made a world of difference in my social dancing. I am no longer working harder than I need to make my dance partner happy. Now I can create a romantic, sensual dance with less effort. I’m a fan of LESS WORK, MORE POSTIVE FEEDBACK! 

On top of that I create better relationships with those that I do dance with; the ladies now stick around longer with me as dance partners. The best thing is they seek me out in the club which help my confidence skyrocket!
So after I was able to discover this breakthrough, I decided…
Why Not Make These Secrets Available To Everyone!
We took action. So to feed the need for his unique bachata style, we created the Bachata Thrillogy Dance DVD series.
In this set of 8 DVDs, Carlos takes a dancer with no experience required from beginner basic steps to intermediate/advance level club combos. You'll learn techniques so that you can actually lead and follow modern and traditional Dominican bachata steps in any club around the world
These are the Bachata DVDs and Lessons that are included in the Bachata Thrillogy Series.
Bachata Thrillogy Volumes 4, 5, 6 and 7 DVDs are for people who love the traditional Dominican bachata style.
Now, it's your turn to Bachata
We are sure you'll be able to see the benefits of Bachata Thrillogy in no time. We wouldn't have spent the (hundreds of hours) of time and effort creating Bachata Thrillogy and writing this letter to you if we didn't think it would benefit from this powerful course!

Right now, you have two choices:

Continue the guessing game with your bachata and struggle getting away from the basic step without the results you may want.
Or you can take action today, right now, by investing in Bachata Thrillogy, And Accelerate your learning of this sensual, romantic dance taught to you by someone with proven success at what yuou want to achieve with your bachata dancing! And of course, have the ladies begging for more. These DVDs are on sale at or you can get the streaming option on this page.
Get Instant Access To "Bachata Thrillogy" Complete Collection
For Retail Price: $320  Today: $140 (Save $180) For Streaming Option.
If you're still wondering whether or not Bachata Thrillogy is right for you, don't hesitate any longer. You've heard all the benefits, and you don't want to miss out on valuable learning time that is never recovered. You can ensure yourself the opportunity to excel bachata dancing today. The prices will increase by $20 after the first 20 customers. You may come and find the price has gone up so act now.
Bachata Thrillogy Deluxe Plus
You get instant access to the bachata lessons for Sensual bachata style
Totally Caribbean
You get instant access to the bachata lessons for Dominican bachata style
Complete Collection 
You get instant access to the bachata lessons for BOTH bachata styles
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase today. That's why we offer this 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee if you honestly did not learn a new step or dance combo or partnering technique or foot work pattern that made you happier dancing bachata then contact us for your no hassle refund. 

This is a completely risk free investment in your bachata dancing that will help you get results as soon as you take action
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